Verified Supplier

At we strive to make our buyers secure through our strict supplier verification process;

  • Our Vendor Executive contacts supplier and takes basic information about his business and products.
  • After this our Vendor Executive visits the business premises of that supplier and takes comprehensive details of the business and scrutinizes supplier, business, products and representative using his skepticism and judgment skills.
  • Our Quality Controller inspects all the products for and quality of the products.
  • The Vendor Executive also gathers information of supplier from market that he operates in, through his existing buyers and suppliers and associates.
  • After we get reasonable assurance of the legitimacy of the supplier, we register them.
  • Even after registration our Vendor Executive keeps in touch with the vendors for product updates and other relevant information.

Our Vendor Executives try their best to assure legitimacy and reliability of vendors and ensure quality of their products, so we reasonably assure you of the suppliers being genuine.